For Brands & Marketing Teams:

Custom Marketing Workshops and Projects

For brand and marketing teams who could use help with their social impact work, our team has years of experience working with local and global brands to create award-winning campaigns.

We help with:

Selecting your unique social impact cause space

Defining what success will look like so you can engage your stakeholders on the desired outcomes and impact

Determining how to measure impact with material KPIs (key performance indicators)

Selecting and engaging with the right partners to drive shared value

For Nonprofits:

Branding Projects

We can help nonprofits looking to build, update, or transform their brand to better reflect their mission.

We help with:

Creating or updating a new visual identity for your brand including new logos, fonts, colors, etc.

Building or revamping your website

Defining your key messages and creating a sharp way to articulate your unique value proposition

For Those Looking to Learn:

Social Impact Marketing Courses

A few times a year, we will host a 6 week marketing course for professionals (for profit or nonprofit professionals) looking for the marketing skills to deliver their social impact strategies. 

Check out the Marketing Courses tab here to learn details about the course.