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All of the marketing we do for each hero every month is provided at NO COST to the hero or his/her organization. We hope to take the burden of marketing off their plate so they can focus on the actual work to make our city better — like ending human trafficking and growing literacy rates.

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$25.00 gift will help us promote a local Hero’s mission, amplifying their message to 1,100+ potential donors and volunteers across social media.


$120.00 (or $10/month) will fund our website for a year, giving Dallas Heroes Project a centralized hub to highlight our heroes and provide resources for those interested in helping.


$400.00 will help us tell a hero’s story through powerful imagery, providing them with compelling photography that highlights the impact of their work.


$1000.00 covers the entire Hero’s journey for a month, providing them with a complete multimedia package that includes custom content, media placement, photography, and more.