Social Impact Marketing Textbook

This fun “textbook” takes fundamental marketing concepts and teaches you how to apply them to social causes like access to food and education, climate change, and gender equality. It contains learnings from beautiful, iconic social impact campaigns from some of the world’s most beloved brands. (It highlights a few well-intentioned missteps as well to learn “what not to do.”) Whether you are a student or nonprofit leader with a great idea but limited resources, or whether you’re a corporate marketing professional who wants to make a meaningful impact with the power of your billion dollar brand, follow the exercises in this book and watch your ideas reach more people, create change, and inspire the human spirit.

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I wish I had this book in business school! Social impact, purpose, sustainability and growth for good is how brands will succeed in the future, and it is a must-have skillset for up-and-coming brand leaders.   Kulkarni effortlessly weaves insightful strategic frameworks with inspiring real-world examples, making this an enjoyable and powerful read.

Pia Baker

Group Marketing Manager, Nestle

A simple and engaging guide on how to use marketing to create meaningful change.

Jolawn Victor

Chief International Officer, Headspace

Nonprofits must learn how to tell their story. Maddy has combined lessons from her corporate marketing experience and community work into this valuable guide for how to engage our citizens and advance our missions.

Tony Fleo

CEO, Social Venture Partners Dallas

Maddy has compiled examples and lessons from some of my most favorite sustainability campaigns into this excellent primer. Wouldn’t it be great if all marketing could be social impact marketing?

KoAnn Skrzyniarz

CEO, Sustainable Brands Worldwide

Any organization, brand or marketer seeking to be a force for good should master the principles in this book. Marketing for the purpose of social good—authentically living your values and thoughtfully leveraging the power of communication to multiply good—is disruptive, innovative and urgently needed.

Matt Smith

Senior Director, PepsiCo Foundation

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