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Our Mission

Dallas Heroes Project celebrates local heroes, educates citizens on critical issues facing the city, and enables them to take social action to make a positive impact in the city of Dallas.

Dale Long

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Dale Long shared with us his 40+ year commitment with the Big Brothers Big Sisters organizations. He shared with us that we need more African American male mentors. After running our marketing campaign to boost his message in September, we heard that in Dade Middle School hosted a “Breakfast with Dads event.” The event organizers said they were looking for 50 volunteer mentors, and 600 showed up!

Raj & Anna Asava

Hunger Mitao

Raj and Anna are on a mission to eradicate hunger in Dallas. They are encouraging their fellow Indian Americans to join them. DHP helped to spread the word about their Hunger Mitao campaign, developed a strategy for their website and created a PR strategy for their organization.

John Cody Hardin

The Warrior’s Keep

John Hardin launched The Warrior’s Keep to help veterans in their transition back to civilian life. The organization’s Vet Rec programs are developed as rehabilitative outdoor hikes that encourage camaraderie and a sense of completing a mission with a team. DHP’s marketing push helped the org get noticed by a funder who sponsored the group’s trip hikes in Africa and South America.

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I just read about Dallas Heroes Project in Allen Neighbors magazine. You opened my eyes to IGNITE. I love that you use storytelling about the individual hero to reveal community engagement opportunities. Thank you!

Shanna Schiavon
(CEO and Co-Founder at eXpow, Exponential Power of Women)

Thank you so much for highlighting Soap Hope’s work through Dallas Heroes Project. It was a major effort to create so much content and manage a whole month of communication. I’m so appreciative of your energy, your support, and your kindness.

Salah Boukadoum

(Soap Hope Co-Founder – October 2017 Hero)