Our featured hero this month is Marguerite (Margo) McClinton Stoglin, the iGNiTE Texas State Director of iGNiTE. iGNiTE is an organization focused on building a movement of young women who are ready and eager to become the next generation of political leaders.

Margo is no stranger to politics. Her grandfather was the 1st black senator in the state of Kansas, her father was in public service all of his life, and Margo herself has volunteered for political campaigns in the past. With a Masters in Administration Planning and Social Policy from Harvard University, and a PhD in Higher Ed from FSU, Margo believes “you can never go wrong in investing in people.”

When asked about why young girls shy away from roles in politics, Margo says, “Research tells us – fear of competition, fear of losing, being intimidated by fundraising, not being trained at a young age for leadership and competition, there are many reasons why girls shy away from running…but if we can influence 1 young woman she can influence thousands of people.”

Currently, Texas ranks 2nd in the lowest voter turnout of all states. And while the US population is roughly 51% women, only 22% of elected officials in Congress are women. However, as Margo says, “Women bring a different perspective and care about issues differently than their male counterparts, their voice should be at the table.”

The young women who have participated in the iGNiTE program have run for high school or college student governments, they have worked with congresswomen on the federal level, and have worked or volunteered on the state levels  as well. Some of them have successfully run for elected office in their community! Click here to get a list of all the schools in DFW that have an iGNiTE chapter. Or contact Margo to start your own chapter Margo@ignitenational.org 214-918-8233!