Mandy and HIPster chopping vegetables
Mandy and HIPster pouring flour
Mandy and Chef Patrick

About Mandy:

Straight out of college, Mandy Noerper discovered her passion for teaching students with disabilities. As the Director of Vocational Services at My Possibilities, she leads the effort to ensure her students (known affectionately as HIPsters or Hugely Important People) are ready for the workforce.

Mandy believes HIPsters are capable and worthy of a chance. Employment, she emphasizes, provides not only financial independence but is also a source of pride and meaning.

About My Possibilities:

My Possibilities is the first full-day, year-long continuing education and job placement program in North Texas, aimed to give adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) the chance at higher education and an opportunity to let their untapped possibilities shine. 

Operating for over 15 years in Plano, TX, the school accommodates students ranging from ages 18 to the oldest currently in their 70s as students are never ‘aged out.’ With offerings such as Leadership 101, Glee Club, and online programming for out-of-state participants (a positive adaptation from the pandemic), My Possibilities thrives as a vibrant and inclusive community.

Why Employment is Difficult for those with IDD:

Upon aging out of the Texas public school system, typically at 18 (sometimes extending to 22), students with IDD face limited options for college, higher education, or vocational programs. Mandy oversees the new vocational training program, the Employment Innovations School, powered by Bread Financial, which addresses this gap by providing hands-on training, preparing Hipsters for the workforce.

By hiring industry professionals to develop curriculum, My Possibilities ensures that HIPsters acquire practical skills, making the workforce ready.

Benefits to Employers for Hiring HIPsters:

Hiring HIPsters provides many benefits for employers. HIPsters are dedicated, enthusiastic, and help boost corporate culture. Employers need not alter job requirements or expectations, as managers receive training on optimizing HIPsters’ skills. Entry-level, high-turnover roles are particularly well-suited for HIPsters.

How You Can Help:

Here are several ways to join the movement toward more inclusive workplaces:

    • Business owners seeking Facilities staff, Receptionists/Administrative Support, Retail, Hospitality, or Culinary talent, connect with My Possibilities for resumes
    • Industry professionals interested in training HIPsters can reach out to Mandy at
    • If you think you have autism spectrum disorder (ASD), talk to your doctor about getting tested. Adult diagnoses are currently difficult to obtain as most diagnostic tools are built with children in mind; however, a diagnosis can unlock understanding and support resources.
    • If you are on the spectrum, note that self-disclosure is personal; however, sharing how you communicate and process information with your manager can help create a supportive working relationship.

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