Jana Simard-Parker, M.A., is a Development Officer at the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center. A Political Science graduate from Providence College and an Public and International Affairs graduate from the University of Ottawa, Jana is focused on bringing new people to the mission of DCAC. 

Dallas Heroes Project: What do you think is unique about Dallas?

Jana Simard-Parker: How philanthropic the people of this city are. People are in it for the mission, not the recognition.

DHP: What is the most difficult thing about advocacy work?

JSP: Spreading the word about what the DCAC does. People don’t want to hear that child abuse exists.

DHP: Work at the DCAC must be emotionally tough. What keeps you going?

JSP: It is knowing that children are healing through the work we do at the DCAC and that we are helping restore justice. It is the hope that our children are on a better trajectory.

DHP: Born in Canada, you grew up Florida, what is your favorite place in Dallas?

JSP: White Rock Lake. Being from Florida, I love being by the water. And the Canadian side of me loves all the trees. Then you see the downtown skyline – there’s no place like Dallas.