JR Newton Helps Build Healthy Relationships and End Domestic Violence

About JR Newton: 

We are thrilled to spotlight a true advocate for change and a champion in the fight against domestic violence – JR Newton. With unwavering dedication, Newton founded Tapestry Ministries in 1999, sparking a journey of compassion, empowerment, and education.

Fueled by her owned experience with domestic violence, she has been helping women, children, and men break free of the cycle of abuse. Not only does she serve as the Founder and Executive Director of Tapestry Ministries, she is a licensed minister and works as a Community Health Nurse for CitySquare.

Ms. Newton is the proud mother of four children – Johnice, Dwayne, Marcus, and Veronica.

About Tapestry Ministries:

Tapestry Ministries’ “We Care Ministries” program originally began to provide emergency shelter to women and their children who were actively fleeing domestic violence (DV) situations. Now the program has expanded to help both women and men. While in shelter, participants are supported with essential needs such as hygiene products, food, clothing, and counseling referrals. Each case is evaluated after intake to tailor services accordingly.

The average monthly cost for a woman and 2-3 children for hotel, food, and transportation is about $4880.

Tapestry Ministries has also recently launched the MADA™ (Men Against Domestic Abuse) initiative to encourage men and teen boys to be advocates against domestic abuse and support those victimized by DV. Participants in the MADA initiative pledge to be supporters of and participate in sharing DV awareness and prevention information through seminars, conferences, trainings, and speaking engagements.

The Stats: Domestic Violence in Dallas:

Dallas has invested in a Live dashboard to track the number of family violence cases in the city. In December 2023, there were over 900 cases. This data is available to the public at the City of Dallas’ Online Domestic Violence Dashboard.

Dallas Domestic Violence Statistics

7 Crucial Steps to Flee a Domestic Violence Situation:

  1. Identify a friend or a safe place to go
  2. Keep an alternate cellphone and car keys nearby
  3. Memorize phone numbers of friends, families, or shelters
  4. Ask your doctor how to get extra medicines for you and/or your children
  5. Collect important documents on an external flash drive (e.g. children’s health records)
  6. Document instances of abuse, including dates, times, and details
  7. Contact your local family court (or domestic violence court) regarding a restraining order

Forms of Power and Control That Lead to Domestic Violence:

Causes Domestic of Violence:

There could be multiple reasons that lead to domestic violence, but a few include:

  • The need for control over another, which can manifest through physical, emotional or financial means
  • Social and cultural factors
  • History of abuse and trauma
  • Alcohol or drug abuse that limits judgement and increases aggression
  • Lack of awareness about healthy relationships and communication

Important: Domestic violence is NEVER the fault of the victim.

If You Have Control Issues, Here are Steps You Can Take to Change Your Behavior:

  • Reflect – consider past experiences, insecurities, or fears that may be contributing to the desire for control
  • Seek professional help from a therapist or a counselor
  • Educate yourself about healthy relationships, communication skills and conflict resolution. Understand the importance of mutual respect, trust, and consent in any relationship
  • Develop healthy coping mechanisms for stress or other emotional triggers like mindfulness or meditation

How You Can Help:

Help Tapestry Ministries Stock These Essentials:

  • Body wash (male and female)
  • Shampoo/conditioner
  • Deodorant (male and female)
  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • Lotion and Vaseline
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Diapers (all sizes)
  • Combs and brushes
  • Laundry detergent
  • Basic t-shirts (Female, male, children)
  • Leggings
  • Pajamas
  • Socks
  • Gift cards

For More Information:

You can donate to Tapestry Ministries here.

If you need help or want to get involved contact tapestrycares@gmail.com or call (469) 271 – 8500.